Friday, September 17, 2010

Principal of Words

The Principal of the college was describing to me that –
How honest and accountable she is in handling all day to day affairs at her work…
How daring she has been while saying NO to political pressure for admissions and appointments….
How she follows the rule of open resources etc
How creative, humane and caring she is..…….

Respecting her work and thoughts I asked her if she has been able to transfer these qualities or a part of it to her students…. even to few of the 1500 students, young girls and boys, the next generation of the society,  who is there everyday to learn and practice….

She was stuck but still trying to say ‘Yes’ … the mean time I added my supplement to the question …

….that if these students…after 3 to 5 years of learning at her college,  were able to live a similar life…honest, accountable, daring, creative, humane, caring….. if NOT, then is there any use of these words(qualities as she said) from a Principal of such a renowned college in Delhi.
Now, she was in between YES and NO…….

By the way, I was invited there to address students about our campaign. I reached 15 minutes before the scheduled time. The principal invited me to her room over a cup of tea. And that’s how this discussion took place.

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