Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...and we all are an 'A'

                    Translating ' .. और हम सब एक 'ए' हैं'

A and B ....when they meet somewhere...how they identify each other

A (about him self)                                        A (about B)
  • I am a human being                               B is also same
  • I also make mistakes                             B is also same
  • I don't want to make mistakes               B is not like that (B does it deliberately)
  • All my mistakes occur under confusion   B knowingly make mistakes (B is like that by nature )
  • I should be counseled on my mistakes    B should be punished for mistakes                                           (with Love and care, then only I can       In fact B shall not correct(learn a lesson) unless punished        do away with these mistakes)
And that how every 'A' observe and conclude about 'B'.... all our relationships are governed with this self made rule of observation...be it family members (mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife.....) or office(colleague, junior, senior, boss, owner.... ) or on road(pedestrian, cyclist, motorist, truck driver or bus driver..... )..or any where else....We all have an 'A' in us and observe every 'B' like that.... This relationship is translating into family warming and global warming.....

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